Part of anyone's learning journey is having access to helpful, informative and easy to use resources. Check out some of our favorite resources below to help you navigate the world of audio, MIDI, recording, and more! As we discover more interesting and exciting resources, we'll post them here so be sure to check back often.

Singing instruction tailored to the needs of the modern singer. Technique and Artistry, Gig, Studio and Audition preparation. Students range from the casual hobbyist to the serious professional, spanning extensive genres and styles.

Music Production and Training services for anyone and any genre. Recording, MIDI, Audio Editing, Synthesis, Mixing and more. Learn to do-it-yourself or book professional production services.

Whether you're new to Logic Pro, an experienced user, or anywhere inbetween, Chris Vandeviver's "WLPR" Community is a must for those looking to do more with their Logic Pro Projects!

For Ableton Live users, Seed To Stage is just about the best resource out there! Incredibly deep, comprehensive, yet simple and approachable. Definitnely something for everyone!

This is the official training book for Apple's Logic Pro X software. The information is broken down in easy to understand steps that engage the learner with hands-on projects. Example projects, loops, files and more are provided.

Don't be fooled by the title, this book is for anyone using a computer to record, write, and otherwise create music regardless of genre or experience. A great reference to inspire, motivate and find that creative spark!


DIY Home Studio Setup

Check out this PDF document to get an overview of the equipment you'll need to start your own home studio.